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Why to take part in E-world Startup-Speeddating

E-world connects energy startups with industry partners and investors. For a structured meet up, our partner energieloft organizes a speeddating at the fair. Register now and get at least 4 speeddates with adequate companies meeting your demand. The matching will be done by the information you provide in your profile.

img Find cooperation
Like industry companies as sales or development cooperation

img Find investors
Like Business Angels or VCs as potential equity investors


What you need to know


img When is the registration deadline?
The first matching will be done on 1st February, 00:00. You can still apply for the speeddating after this date, if there are open slots left.

img What kind of companies and partners can I meet?
You can meet industry corporates, energy suppliers or "Stadtwerke", as well as private Business Angels, VCs, Accelerators or Fonds.

img How many speeddates will I have?
We offer 4 slots during the whole fair on Tuesday and Wednesday. You will definitely receive one slot with at least 4 speeddates the minimum. Depending on the number of participants, you can receive more speeddates.

img Which partners will I meet?
Depending on the information you provide in your profile, a matching algorithm will automatically identify the best match. Due to fairness reasons, individual preferences are not considered.

img When will I know, which slots I can attend?
You can select the slots you are available in your profile. Your personal schedule will be shown in your user account from the 1st of February.

img What are the costs to take part in the speeddating?
Participation is free of charge. After registration, you will get free access to the fair on Tuesday and Wednesday for two people of your team.

img Is the Speeddating the only possibility to meet partners?
No, E-world 2017 offers a whole startup area where you can get in touch with various companies, startups and investors during the whole fair.

img How can I get in touch with companies I do not have a speeddate with?
After publishing the schedule, energieloft will provide participant lists with all startups and companies. By clicking on the user profile, you can request a meeting during the fair. After the request is accepted by the requested partner, email contact details will be shown for make up meetings manually.

img Which information will be shown in my profile?
In the profile, your logo, your shortpitch, your project idea and your web address will be shown.

img Do I automatically get a fair booth by participating in the speeddating?
No, but you can seperately apply for a startup booth at E-world 2017. Apply for fair booth